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Things to do in the school holidays

Schools out... Woooohooooooo for the kids! However as we can see the English weather is not holding up very well this year! So when it's pouring down with rain and you can't chuck the kids in the garden what are you going to do?

Well why not treat them to a BEADOIR bead kit before they get under your feet and you start climbing the walls ;-) ! They can get crafty and entertain themselves making some snazzy

jewellery, key rings, book marks etc. Bead kits are a great way to keep the kids not only occupied

but nice and quiet too ;-). You can pick from one of our many bead kits at or we can always come to you and keep them busy beading for as long as you want to book us for

kids and Mums and dads and chums can also do some beading in our Greenwich London shop, 12b Turnpin lane, SE10 9JA

Your can always email us with any questions

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