Bead Bucket, full of lots of glass and novelty beads to make your own jewellery.Bead Jar Kit £11.99Bead Kits &
Other Little Things
 Bead Bucket Kit only £6.75

Complete with Instructions,
this little bucket of glass beads contains everything you need to make your own necklace and bracelet. Each kit contains a novelty glass pendant of your choice for your necklace and novelty bead for your bracelet, along with lots of other beads, threads and fixings.

Keep Safe pouches are great for keeping small jewellery in  from Beadoir.'Keep Safes' The perfect little pouch to keep all those small and precious things in. Just squeeze the sides to pop them open. Approx. 7cm x 4cm. Available in an array of different colours & oriental designs. Only £2.00 each, see the shopping cart below.
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Bead Jar Kit
Everything you need to make 5 pieces of jewellery, Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, phone charms and more...
Price: £11.99
For girl \ boy:
Bead Bucket Kit
A variety of beads including a novelty glass pendant for your necklace and bead for your bracelet. Full instructions provided.
Price: £6.75
Novelety Beads:
Set of 6 Bead Bucket Kits
Choose the kits from the different options below.
Price: £38.00
Kit Options:
Bracelet Making Kit
All the beads you need to make your very own bracelet. Contains threads, crimps, beads and step by step instructions. Available in a choice of colours.
Price: £4.95
Colour choice:
3 Keep Safes
Set of 3 keep safes. These make great gifts.
Price: £5.00
Colour Choice:
Keep Safe Pouch
Perfect to keep all your small and precious things in.
Price: £2.00
Colour Choice:

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